Driving forces: Innovation and personalization

The CHEMICAL industry hasn’t finished transforming and industrialists have to meet new challenges: strong competition from Asian countries, deindustrialization, demanding environmental norms and stricter regulations to address the challenges of COP21. Without Industry 4.0, it would be difficult to address the strategic priorities i.e. the development of new molecules as a response to environmental norms, target markets, extensive optimized logistics as well as a good command of the digital value chain.

In this context, Industry 4.0 is a major asset for the CHEMICAL industry, as it brings a flotilla of solutions to increase the competitiveness and address the enormous challenges in the decade to come:

  • Digital engineering
  • Connected companies: design, industrialization, manufacturing
  • Co-development
  • Data mining (Big Data)
  • Personalizing the offers
  • Functionality economy (v. products)
  • Moving upmarket and personalizing
  • Creating client and user loyalty
  • Flexibility and agility
  • Differentiation and competitiveness
  • Industrial tool optimization
  • Mastering the data

The strategy to address the main challenges and support the digitalization process is based on three major points for which the consultants and experts of the SPC group regularly intervene.

  • Partners at the centre of the learning company
  • Collective and collaborative intelligence
  • Corporate Social Responsibility as a strategic focus
  • Integration of new market players
  • Expanded and connected factories (IoT, M2M, CPS)
  • Artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • New materials
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Manufacturing workstation (AR/VR, Robot, Cobot).
  • ATAWADAC (Any Time, Any Where, Any Device, Any Content)
  • Valorization of the data from the IoT to Big Data
  • Cyber security strategy.

The SPC group has been working with CHEMICAL industries and senior staff in the digitalization of their companies for many years. With an excellent command of information systems and technologies coming from Industry 4.0, combined with the expertise in business processes and complex organizations means that SPC is an indispensable partner in this strategic evolution.

Whether you need an advisory service, help with integration projects, managing changes or training, the SPC group enables each of its clients to improve their industrial performance and address regulatory and environmental constraints.

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