Within the overall current context, market dynamics tends to strenghten (direct logistics flow, manufacturing operations, trading oppotunities). Thus, plants must be equipped with the appropriate scheduling tools in order to best respond to :

  • A sudden increase in demand or an order opportunity
  • Variatons in supply provision concerning materials or production capacities

Therefore, ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) and office automation tools are no longer sufficient to achieve optimum schelduling in production process.

Short-term scheduling software packages then complement ERP’s native functions by allowing to :


  • Manage the assignment of production orders while taking into account the real-time availability of the equipments
  • Deal with common scheduling issues concerning strong fluctuation in demand
  • React instantly to variations in production or equipments failure
  • Get improved visibility over detailed loads and run assignments simulations in order to optimize your resources
  • Cap production timeframes and improve client service

Those tools permit a reactivity and a service level improvement while ensuring the economic optimization of your production.

SPC offers many assets which can help you define and implement an efficient real-time scheduling tool tailored for your needs :

  • Skills to understand your industrial processes and your optimization goals
  • Ability to model the scheduling functions corresponding to the expected service in the supply chain (manufacturing, logistics, conditioning, quality control and laboratories)
  • Excellent knowledge of Industrial Information Systems (ERP, MES, LIMS, WMS) which allows to best position the scheduling tool
  • Extensive expertise in current products in order to advise you on the most suitable solutions
  • The possibility to support you throughout the implementation of the chosen solution
  • An educational know-how to advise and support the system’s users