Innovative & cost-effective solutions for an efficient learning ! 

Our simulators are modelled on the behaviour and imagery of your processes,which allows you to train your staffs under real conditions.

What can be simulated?

  • The operational part (processes imagery, synoptics)
  • The control-and-command part (programmed processing)
  • Processes simulation

A few of our simulators’ characteristics

  • Graphical user interfaces which are similar to those of the implemented system : identical synoptics, identical cliparts, identical faceplates
  • Educational functions which allow : pausing, speeding and slowdown of the simulation
  • Production of disturbances which allow to analyse the behaviour of the process in crisis
  • Regulation strategy identical on both the simulator and the real process
  • Non-linear dynamic processes, stable or inclusive
  • Static features and configurable dynamics
  • Simulator stable state modelled on one or several points from the real process
  • Simulator sets with the scales, marks, units and alarm thresholds already implanted on the real process

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Our simulators’ design approach

  • Data collection
  • Programming of the simulation environment : adjustment of the system’s emulator
  • Typicals programming (analog input, valves, motors, analog acquisition, TOR input/output…)
  • Process simulators programming
  • Programming of the process according to a functional scheme
  • Simulator implementation on the system emulator and process’s modeling on a static functional point of the process
  • On-site validation and bug fixing
  • Provision, implementation and simulator’s warranty
  • Applicative maintenance services, user training, simulator programming’s training

Our feedback

  • We design simulators of boilers, distilling columns, reactors, glass process…
  • Our simulators are designed from various systems : Emerson Delta V, Foxboro IAS, Honeywell TDC, Honeyxell EXPERION, …
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