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Inter-enterprise trainings in LYON (50% practical work)

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Register 1 to 3 participants to upgrade, maintain or push forward your staff’s skills


Short and adjustable intra-enterprise training

Adjust contents to your needs and context

Train your team in your own facilities on both your equipments & our educational models

Technical day

Raising awareness on project methodology in PARIS

Benefit from an insight on your project

Avoid the pitfalls and identify the key factors for your success thanks to the numerous feedbacks of our specialized consultants

Vocational courses

3 levels available for you to reach the expertise needed

Upgrade your skills in your field of expertise

Become instrumentalist, adjuster, Project Manager in automation ; the main crafts in the industry


E-learning course (with a distant trainer) or full-learning (auto-training)

Train yourself quickly

Forget about time, budget and travel costs constraints !

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