Regulating industrial processes requires both a great understanding of their working and a good command of automation technologies (Instrumentation, multi-variable control, stepwise process, batch). A general knowledge of control systems’ functionnal and technical architectures is also crucial in our field of expertise.

To be successful, a project relies on a skilled steering and on the ability to communicate effectively with both those who are well acquainted with the implemented process, and its future operators.

Today, systems are equally efficient and reliable, whether they be :

Modern plant control room

  • DCS or SNCC, implemented systems
  • SCADA systems composed of programmable logic controllers

but they have limits as well.
Most of the time, they rely on more and more trivialized softwares and hardware components. Thus, an excellent knowledge of their technical architecture and operating mechanisms is required in order to optimize their use.

SPC has been a main actor in Process Control for more than 25 years, investing various fields : chemical, refining, energy, pharmaceutical, mineral and mining and more industries.

Our experience feedback (concerning continuous, fed-batch & batch processing) and our working methods are crucial assets, and even more for the following services provided :

  • Preliminary studies, upgrating projects
  • Reliability studies, availability studies
  • Global project management
  • Functional standards’ definition
  • Precise functional analysis
  • FAT, SAT and start up assistance & management
  • Users & operators training
  • Project ownership assistance

Most of our stakeholders have skills in both process engineering and automated systems. They are qualified to understand the issues affecting advanced regulatory control, process safety, batch management, system’s reliability and regulatory constraints.