With a wealth of solutions that are tailored to fit various industrial contexts, Advanced Control represents a consistent approach in order to ensure process control and performance.

Advanced Control must deliver maximum performance and stability in order to meet the regulatory requirements and ensure safety. Nevertheless, its profitability is often related to a high rate of acceptance by operators and a simple maintenance.

 From model-based controllers to expert systems, tools complement each other and become more and more simple and accessible. Control Systems manufacturers offer more and more Advanced Control solutions which give a great implementation of transfer functions.

Choosing the optimum solution is left open but the diversity of model-based designs, technical dimensions and operation issues tend to make it more complex.

 Finally, and beyond the choice of the right tool, the long-term success of an Advanced Control project largely depends on a strict methodology and a wide range of soultions adapted to each local context.


Armed with a 25 years experience, SPC is a natural candidate to help you map out and implement an adapted multi-variable control. Our strenghts :

  • Knowledge of the various designing methods on the market
  • PID adjustments
  • Provision of tools intended to adjust model-based loops for computers, smartphones & digital tablets
  • Simulation software for specific processes in order to define optimization