277322_2574Many industrial plants pose risks for people, environment or facilities. Thus, they are subjected to specific and strong regulatory requirements (SEVESO).

ICPE regulation evolves alongside the implementation of the PM2I plan. Under article 7 of the 2010 ordinance regarding the modernization of industrial facilities, the safety functions involved in the “MMR matrix” (MMRI, risk control measures) must be closely monitored. This follow-up should be establish gradually in order to reach a “state zero” by the end of 2013, and a complete monitoring should be set up by 2014 through the safety function sheets.

SPC Consultants has been operating in the fields of risks analysis and Instrumented Safety Systems for more than 25 years. We offer our clients a broad range of services concerning the safety of their facilities and its improvement in order to meet the regulatory requirements.

SPC provides a recognized expertise in risks analysis matters (HAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, MMRI) and Instrumented Safety Systems design and implementation, so that our clients meet the regulatory requirements the most optimum way.