Today, an operator cannot effectively manage an equipment while ensuring risks without the help of the appropriates ergonomics and information flows.

Too much resorting to the many possiblities offered by control systems when using measurement threshold can lead to :

  • Alarms overload, especially in the event of disruption
  • Too many non-significant alarms

These phenomena can cause :

  • Degraded alarm relevance
  • Too much prompting
  • Perturbed analysis
  • A trend to remove thresholds and warning signals
  • Incidents which could have been avoided

Moreover, E.E.M.U.A. (Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association) publication-191 established a number of key indicators allowing to set a limit to the maximum data load an operator can see, understand and deal with.

The significant discrepancy between actual alarm systems and the criteria established by E.E.M.U.A. reinforces our willingness to develop practical solutions and specific methodologies.

SPC has been a crucial actor in the implementation of industrial monitoring systems for more than 25 years. Thus, we ensure audits for our clients in order to improve ergonomics and alarm management. Our strengths :

  • Process knowledge
  • Methodological input in accordance with international standards (ISA18, EEMUA, IEC62682)
  • The creation of a specific tool in order to help streamlining the use of alarms