SPC is a leading player in constructing and upgrading projects, and we provide our clients great optimization in process management. Our extensive expertise in process automation (continuous, fed-batch & batch), automation implementation and safety systems is the result of our great experience in the field of Process control.

Our methodological and technical contribution ensures your projects’ successful execution, from project design to on-site implementation.

SPC is active in the fields of Process Control and Process Safety in those 3 areas :

  • Process Control (SNCC, SCADA)

  • Instrumented Safety Systems (SIS, HAZOP, MMRI)

  • Advanced Control ( MMI ergonomics, alarm management, optimization, simulators)

Our strenghts

  • Process and automation knowledge (chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, energy, cosmetic and agri-food industries)
  • Practical experience concerning regulation watch and safety process implementation
  • Project management structured around detailed functional analysis
  • Meaningful feedback concerning advanced control and simulators
  • Great knowledge of automation components

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