The LES (Laboratory Execution System) allows to computerize day-to-day operations executed by researchers or analysts on their bench tops.

The purpose of the LES is clearly to replace the analyst’s paper notebook. Nevertheless, it mainly applies to quality control laboratories and R&D activities, whose analytical methodologies are already designed.

The LES focuses on the dematerialization and the traceability of strictly analytical operations. This system induces the follow-up of an implemented analytical procedure and its main goal is to interconnect the laboratory’s equipments.

Thanks to the informatization of operative procedures, the LES concretizes the analytical methodologies. Contrary to the LIMS, the LES works both on a specific and precise guidance of the analyst and an ergonomy close to that of Microsoft®Excel. Furthermore, the connection to the laboratory’s equiments is one of its basic functionality.


The LES is an application software which focuses on the executive aspect of laboratory’s analysis. Here are some of its main functions :

  • Implementing and managing analytical methodologies
  • Managing instruments and calibration process
  • Managing reactives and analytical standards
  • Collecting raw data and processing analysis’ results
  • Allowing data review and data storage