Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), which is the typical tool for scientific activities, is currently  on the way of computerization. This recording mode is actually the main support for obtaining patents. Nevertheless, such a management of intellectual property is a severe impediment to the further development of knowledge. Those Notebooks allow you to keep track of each and every operation. In a laboratory, the generated amount of data can quickly become overwhelming. Searching in data history gets harder and harder, managing them supposes a notarized guidance and sharing or transferring information remains complex. In short, knowledge capitalisation is far from being optimized.

ELN is far more than a simple alternative to paper. It actually participates to the general and structuring improvement of quality management. Thus, ELN can be considered being a structuring element of the R&D information system as it allows data securization and R&D decompartmentalization, thanks to a better integration in the information system (ERP, GED, LIMS, intranet…).

Here are some ELN’s concerns :


  • Capitalising on research information
  • Regulatory compliance (traceability)
  • Being able to provide evidence concerning legal management and intellectual property policy
  • Improving the productivity of research operations
  • Sharing bench tops information


SPC provides a business approach, along with both a scientific and a computing knowledge thanks to its experience in R&D. Thus, we are the right partner for the implementation of such crucial systems.

Furthermore, our metholodgical know-how, coupled with a pragmatic approach and the ability to guide you through change are real assets for the success of your projects.