Automation, safety and traceability of integrations and analytical results in laboratories applications. Laboratories need to produce more and more analytical results without sacrifying their safety nor diminishing data traceability. Automatic integration tools are used in order to solve those specific issues.

Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) and Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS) efficiently allow information transfer from MS instruments to computer applications while ensuring safety and traceability. Then, analysts are no longer compelled to a manual data input and can refocus on their craft.


CDS and SDMS application softwares allow to store, manage and archive data which makes it possible to :

  • Collect raw data from MS regardeless of format
  • Manage structured or unstructured data
  • Provide business intelligence tools
  • Archive data with a long-term horizon

 SPC has many valuable assets to help you define and implement an efficient tool concerning the acquisition and processing of analytical data :

  • A thorough knowledge of your analytical activities and your goals in terms of acquisition/processing data
  • An extensive expertise in current products and the ability to advise you on the most appropriate solutions
  • The possibility to assist you during the implementation of the chosen solution
  • Skills in both chemicals and computing
  • A specific knowledge of the main laboratory equipments