Thanks to its involvement in more than a hundred projects in various lines of business, SPC Consultants is a leading actor in the field of Laboratories and Quality Information Systems.

Moreover, we possess extensive business skills in the fields of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Research & Development and Testing Laboratories, which are all prone to strict regulations.

SPC provides an extensive expertise concerning the main software packages used in laboratories information systems :

  • LIMS (Laboratory Information Systems)
  • SDMS (Scientific Data Management Systems
  • CDMS (Chromatography Data Management Systems)
  • ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook)
  • QMS (Quality Management Systems)

Our strenghts

  • An advisory role and a strict independance from editors
  • A thorough knowledge of Laboratory business and its regulatory requirements (BPL, FDA, COFRAC)
  • Consultants who possess an extensive expertise in both business skills (biochemistry, analysis, pharmacy) and computer science
  • A proven methodology in specification and design which emphasizes the role of software packages
  • A team of more than 20 individuals made of experienced professionals who were trained on the main current software packages.

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