Controlling the behaviour of installations or complex processes requires :

  • To collect many information about the functioning of the process
  • To establish a real time follow-up of their progress (monitoring functions)
  • To safely store and save a massive amount of data
  • To make these data available for numerous and various users
  • To use these data through effective tools

Data Historian sofwares along with DCS and SCADA allow to form and use those massive amounts of precious data which can be usefull to :

  • Data processing supervisors
  • Computer applications in Advanced Control, performance follow-up and reporting
  • Process specialists
  • Maintenance operators

SPC has a high level of expertise concerning the implementation of those tools, no matter the diversity of their architecture :

  • Potentially geographically divided
  • Composed of multiple interfaces for both automation systems and information systems
  • Demanding enhanced safety and availability

Thanks to a great knowledge in both process and business, our company is able to specify and design business applications based on monitoring tools and Data Historian (performance follow-up, material balance,  rotating machine minding, maintenance support etc)