In a wide range of industries, conditioning and assembling finished products suppose the implementation of complex systems made of special purpose machines which can process a series of large pieces or batches.
Assembling and conditioning are crucial processes as they form the basis of production units final performance. Nevertheless, they appear to be quite difficult to control because of their heterogeneous composition, their sensitivity to components quality and the fine settings they imply.

Thus, manufacturers pay particular attention to the proper functioning of their facilities while seeking to improve their performances. Such a kind of improvement suppose :

  • The provision of real-time indicators calculated on the basis of the data collected from automation and equipments
  • Source data and indicators historization for a future processing (potentially wide observation window)

KPI monitoring function (Key Performance Indicators) or OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)  is a major part of MES (Manufacturing Execution System).
MES softwares mostly have a functional module for performance monitoring which can manage to run the requested functions.
Nevertheless, the functional side of those applications can quicky become more complex than appears at first sight. Indeed, indicators follow-up and analysis must be conducted for each product, product range, machine type or operators.

SPC has been a leading actor in MES for more than 15 years and has a great knowledge of that specific project type :

  • Functional and business knowledge of performance follow-up and its main issues in various sectors (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agri-food, medical devices)
  • Practical knowledge of MES tools
  • Knowledge of ERP and automation