Manufacturing Execution System permits a real-time management of your plant and an optimization of your production tailored for your workshop.

The ERP system which has been spreading among the industrial sector has also given a unified vision of business functions such as accounting, finance, sales, stocks, production plan etc. Nevertheless, it does not always meet the production requirements concerning productivity, quality, flexibility and reactivity. The MES has became the leading system in the manufacturing organization thanks to its contribution regarding real-time management and in-process materials. Thus, MES is a tool which ensure performance improvement while being truely customer-oriented.

Production operations are now optimized by information systems such as MES, which manage the main business processes (manufacturing, logistics, resources management, conditioning etc).

Our expertise is the result of more than 25 years of capitalization on feedback regarding MES design and implementation for various industrial sectors which must meet strong performance and regulatory standards : agri-food, chemical, cosmetic, nuclear, paper, oil, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and glass industries.

Our business approach combined with our functional and technical skills ensure the safety of your projects, from design to implementation.